I’m Nat.

Textile Designer, Creative Designer and Design Mentor.
For over 10 years I have been designing printed textiles for incredible clients around the world. I started working for an employer and shortly after I opened my own studio, where I learnt to transform my passion into a successful creative business.
The path of design doesn’t need to be frustrating or with so many sleepless nights.
I want to help you with tools that enhance your talent, optimize your time and turn your career around !

My fascination with fabric and design goes back to my very first memo. 💐

I grew up in my grandmother’s garment factory, playing and napping between bolts of fabric. I was lucky enough to grow up seeing an incredible woman running a factory by herself: going on her light blue Fiat to deliver orders, dealing with provid ers and clients and tailoring, all at the same time! Plus, with an aunt and sister who studied graphic design, art supplies were always within reach.
If I could have skipped school to go straight to college and work, I would have done so with no hesitation. So great was my desire to one day be like them.

Several years later, I studied Textile Design in Buenos Aires University. In print design I found a place where I could combine my creativity and passion for art, design and fashion.

But looking at it now, my greatest print training was in the world of work.

I started working in the wholesale market in 2010, where I gained a lot of experience designing textiles that were produced in industrial quantities (we’re talking about containers full of fabric!)
There were so many prints to make in a short time, so I learnt how to master digital tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, with all their tricks!

Soon after, I started working as a freelance creating exclusive designs for the most recognized argentine brands such as Cher, Ayres, Trosman, El burgués and many others while working from 9 to 5:30 in the porteño neighborhood of Flores and at night I went to university in Ciudad Universitaria. If you’re wondering how I did it, the answer is simple: I didn’t sleep (something I do not recommend at all!). Of course, this was not something very sustainable over time. That ‘s when I knew it was the right moment to take the leap and become 100% freelance.
Along the way I had to ask myself a lot of questions and above all, find answers! I could no longer think of myself as “the beginner freelancer who charges less to gain experience”, because I needed to be able to make a living from this. 
I hit the wall many times, and mostly against myself. I thought my work was not worth enough, that I had to accept any conditions from the client, such as after hours phone calls or payments that never arrived. They had never talked about budgets or customer management at university, what should I do?
That’s when I understood that if I didn’t take myself seriously, nobody would! 🌈

If I wanted to grow, I had to think of myself as a company even if it was just one person (for the moment!). That was the necessary kick to open the design studio with my name, hire staff and spread the wings.

While training my design assistants, I realized I had learnt a lot of things very few designers know: Those tools that you only acquire by working and that nobody tells you about. It was then that I decided to rent a classroom to start sharing them! Since then, I dedicate myself to training designers so that they can SHINE with their talent, providing them with all the necessary tools so that they can live from their passion. I thought that, in my work, I was not going to find greater satisfaction than seeing my prints on the street. That was until I saw my students getting jobs, selling their designs and launching their creative ventures! I hope to accompany you on your way! ✏️
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